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2022 Citizens Boards


2020 & Prior Information:
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January 24- Reorganization& Regular Meeting

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February 28

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March 27

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April 24

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May 22

3501 Route 66, LLC

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Site Plan & Subdivision 
  3. Application Tables
  4. Deed
  6. Major Access Permit
  7. Tree Removal Permit Application
  8. Tree Removal Plans
  9. Steep Slope Analysis
  10. Prelim & Final Major Site Plans (Part 1)
  11. Prelim & Final Major Site Plans (Part 2)
  12. Prelim & Final Major Site Plans (Part 3)
  13. Neptune Minor Sub. Plans
  14. Stormwater Management Report
  15. Neptune Stormwater O&M Manual
  16. Environmental Impact Statement
  17. Community Impact Statement
  18. Neptune Circulation Impact Study
  19. Evaluation of Site Sound Emissions
  20. Warehouse Archictectural Plans
  21. Retail Plans
  22. Landscape Renderings




January 25- Reorg & Regular Meeting

Letter to Planning Board- OGNED Extension Request

February 22 February 22- Meeting Cancelled
March 22 March 22- Meeting Cancelled

April 26

Master Plan Reexamination Report


May 24

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June 14

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July 26

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August 23

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September 27

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October 25- Meeting Cancelled  October 25- Meeting Cancelled

November 8

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December 13

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