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How Do I ….

Below are some common questions most residents have along with detailed answers to those same questions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Department connected to your situation.

Utility Information:


If you are looking to report a street light being out, please CLICK HERE to report to Jersey Central Power & Light.

You can also call to report the outage by dialing, 1-888-544-4877.

Thank you!


Clerks Office:

How do I search for an ordinance?
Please CLICK HERE to search for an ordinance.

How do I obtain a raffle license?
Please CLICK HERE to obtain a raffle license. For additional information, please visit the website for Legalized Games of Chance.

How do I make a complaint against my landlord?
Please complete the 
Tenant Complaint Form and file it with the Rent Leveling Board which can be found in the Clerk’s Office. 


Code Enforcement:

How do I apply for a garage sale?

Please CLICK HERE to apply for a garage sale permit.

How do I obtain a Dumpster Permit?
Please complete the Dumpster Permit Application and bring to the Code Enforcement Office when complete along with the $30 fee. 


How do I complete a Commercial Rental Application? (AS A COMMERCIAL TENANT)

o   When completing a Commercial Rental, there are several steps that need to happen in order to complete the rental.

  1. Apply for a Zoning Permit through the Land Use Department  

  2. Apply for a Mercantile through the Tax Office. (if this is your first time, select “New Registration” under the log in. 

  3. Obtain a copy of the landlords Mercantile as well.

  4. If there is an LLC involved, make sure to have a copy of all.

  5. Once Zoning & Mercantile are approved, complete the Commercial Rental Application Form and submit with payment to the Code Enforcement Office.

·         When bringing the application, please be sure to include the following:

o   Renters Mercantile

o   Building Owners Mercantile

o   LLC Paperwork (for each party it applies to)

o   Completed Commercial Application

o   Payment

How do I complete a Summer Rental? (AS A HOMEOWNER/LANDLORD)

o   When completing a Summer Rental, the following information is required:

You can submit all of your applications at once for the entire summer.

Your first rental will be submitted on the Residential Application

All other rentals thereafter, will be on the Summer Update Form.

When bringing the application, please be sure to include the following:

·        Complete ALL forms you are submitting, including a tenant signature on each form.

·         Ensure ALL occupants are listed on the forms

·        A Copy of your mercantile

·        Copy of LLC Paperwork, if applicable


Construction Department:

How do I apply for a Construction Permit?
Depending on what type of work you are doing, you will need different permits. For things such as a water heater or furnace, you will need a permit even if the homeowner is doing the work.
To better answer the question of whether or not you need a permit, contact our Construction Department at 732-988-5200 Ext. 260 or 
CLICK HERE to be re-directed to our Construction Department page.

Can the homeowner do the work on a rental property?
When a property is being rented, the homeowner may not do the work on the home. There must be a contractor performing said work. (ex. replacing a water heater, furnace air conditioning  unit, etc.)


Engineering Department:

When do I need a road opening Permit?
A property owner is required to obtain a road opening permit for any work beyond the property line that is within the right of way area.  This sometimes includes portions of driveways, driveway aprons, curbing, sidewalk and other such improvements.  A road opening permit and associated information shall be submitted for review and approval prior to the commencement of work.  Click HERE for a road opening permit.  Any questions regarding when one is required please contact the Engineering Department. 

When do I need a grading permit?
A property owner requires a grading permit when they are performing work on their property that results in the disturbance of 150sf outside of Ocean Grove or 50sf in Ocean Grove.  These are exemptions that have been put in place to allow for minor work to be completed without a grading permit.  Any questions regarding this shall be directed to the Engineering Department.

Who is responsible for curbing and sidewalk along my property frontage?
In accordance with Chapter XIII of the Township of Neptune General Code, the property owner is responsible for repair, maintenance and construction of curb and sidewalk along their property frontage. 


Tax Department:

When are taxes due?
(Please Note: *All payments have a 10 Day grace period in which to be paid without interest. After the 10 Days, interest is charged from the due date)

Bills are mailed once a year in July.
February 1st
May 2st
August 1st
November 1st

When are sewer bills due?
Please Note: *All payments have a 30 Day grace period in which to be paid without interest. After the 30 Days, interest is charged from the due date)
March 1st
September 1st

How do I pay my taxes online?
Please CLICK HERE to be re-directed to our online bill pay

Where do I mail my tax payment? (Neptune & Ocean Grove Residents)
Township of Neptune
PO Box 1167
Neptune, NJ 07753
Attn: Tax Department

For Sewer Payments:

Area Address
Ocean Grove PO Box 1045, Neptune NJ 07754-1045
Neptune PO Box 1125, Neptune NJ 07753




How do I apply for a mercantile registration? (a registration to rent my home and or business)
Click HERE to be directed to the Mercantile Page to apply directly online.
If you prefer to apply in person, an application can be obtained through the Tax Office located at the Municipal Building. 


Human Resources:

Where can I find a job application? 
Municipal Employment Application
Police Department Application 

Where can I locate current job opportunities?
Click HERE to get a list of current job openings.


Police Department:

How do I apply for an ABC Card?
Please CLICK HERE for forms and information. 

How do I apply for a job with the Neptune Township Police Department?
Begin by completing the full Police Department Application and then submit said application to:
Human Resources Department
25 Neptune Blvd
Neptune NJ 07753




How do I submit a Tort Claim? (property damage)
Please CLICK HERE for the Tort Claim Form.

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