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The Department of Engineering has moved to our new offices located at 2201 Heck Avenue, first floor, west entrance, and will be open to the public on Monday, April 12, 2021.  Please be advised that masks must be worn at all times while in the building, and social distancing protocol will be enforced.


Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering of the Township of Neptune provides has a full time staff that supports the residents and services of the Township.  The Engineering Department works under the direction of Administration and the Township Committee.  Staff is available in person and by phone to answer engineering concerns or questions from residents. There are also resident concern forms online that can be filled out and submitted by clicking here.

The Department of Engineering provides many different services within the Township of Neptune.  The Department of Engineering is responsible for managing staff and a budget yearly in order to complete the necessary tasks.  The Department of Engineering also pursues and obtains numerous grants in order to help fund projects throughout the Township of Neptune. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the responsibilities of this department:

  • Review and Approval of Street Opening Permits
  • Grading Plan review and Approval
  • Asbuilt Plan review and Approval
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Preparation of plans and specifications for capital projects
  • Capital Improvements to public buildings
  • Drainage Improvement Projects
  • Stormwater Management Projects
  • Stormwater Coordinator for Tier A Permit
  • Resident complaints
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Coordinate with Board Administrator regarding various applications
  • Oversees Resolution Compliance on Board Application
  • Review of various Planning/Zoning Board Applications
  • Grant Applications
  • Lake Projects
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Project Management and Construction Oversight
  • Site and construction inspections for Public and Private Projects
  • Management of project consultants
  • Land Use Code/Ordinance oversight
  • Mapping
  • GIS Implementation and Management
  • Coordination with the Department of Sanitary Sewer and implementation of sewer capital projects
  • Coordination with the Department of Public Works and implementation of various projects
  • Works with Parks Department on various park improvements



  • Grading Permit

Outside of the Historic District of Ocean Grove
Any land disturbance of one hundred and fifty (150) square feet or more requires a grading permit

   Within the Historic District of Ocean Grove
  Any land disturbance of fifty (50) square feet or more requires a grading permit. 

The Grading Permit can be found here.

The Department of Engineering coordinates with various utility companies that work throughout the Township.  We meet several times a year to coordinate efforts regarding the Neptune Township Capital Road Program and the utility improvements that may be needed prior to paving. 


Go to this page for application forms for Engineering, Zoning and Planning Boards, Zoning and HPC.


Engineering Projects

The Department of Engineering of the Township of Neptune is responsible for implementing projects throughout the Township.  The projects range in scope, below are some of the various types of projects that we implement:

  • Infrastructure- both Stormwater and sewer projects;
  • Buildings-renovation of existing and construction of new;
  • Energy Efficiency-multiple projects within the Township and within Township owned buildings to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Roofs-maintenance, repair and replacement of roof systems on Township owned buildings;
  • Erosion Control-work with the Department of Public Works and various contractors on erosion control projects when needed;
  • Traffic Calming-part of a task force that reviews and implements various traffic calming measures throughout the Township;
  • Stormwater-works with the Department of Public Works and various contractors on necessary Stormwater projects, which could involving infiltration, piping, basins, erosion, stabilization and more.
  • Flood Mitigation Projects-investigates the need in flood prone areas for the appropriate type of mitigation.  Based on need and funding availability the Department of Engineering will design and bid the appropriate project.
  • Capital Road Projects-when the Township of Neptune has capital funding for road improvements the Department of Engineering works with the Department of Public Works to identify those roads most in need of milling, pavement restoration, pavement overlay, ADA compliance and Stormwater repair.  Once a listing is compiled it is forwarded to the Township Committee prior to the Department of Engineering preparing plans and specifications for public bidding
  • Lake projects-the Department of Engineering is involved in many projects for the lakes within the Township of Neptune.  Several of the prior projects include bulkheading & bulkheading repair, Stormwater improvements, desilting, outfall repair, erosion control projects. 

The Township Department of Engineering supports many other departments in their efforts to move forward improvements.  We are integral in the grant process and more importantly are charged with implementation and project completion within scope and budget of Township wide projects.  For examples of current and past projects see below links.

Current Projects                                     Completed Projects

Stormwater Management 

Please find the following information regarding Stormwater Management and measures that induviduals/homeowners can implement to help keep our waters clean.
Every step helps!

For more information, visit our Stormwater Management page

For FEMA Information relative to Flood Zones and maps, CLICK HERE.

Township Park_Recreation Map

Recreation Open Space Map

Township Street Map

Resident Form

2201 Heck Avenue
First Floor West Entrance
Neptune, NJ 07756



Tracey James
Administrative Assistant 
Extension 200


William Schwarz, Jr., P.E.
Township Engineers
Remington & Vernick Engineers 
Extension 201




  Please Note: Summer Hours begin the week of May 6th. Municipal (M-Th. 8am to 4pm & F- 8am to 1pm) Public Works: (M-Th 6:30am to 3pm & F- 7am to 12pm)