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What you need to know about

Lead Based Paint Hazards


CLICK HERE to listen to an important radio announcement


New Jersey Lead Based Paint Hazard Law

Guide to Lead-Based Paint in Rental Dwellings


Protect your family and home (English) 

Proteeja a su familia contra el plomo en el hogar (Espaniol) 



One- and two-family structure owners You’ve Got Mail!  CLICK HERE to view

Property owners of one- and two-family structures registered in Neptune Township as rentals have received letters to inform property owners of the requirement as specified by P.L.2003, c.311 (C.52:27D-437.1 et al.).  To avoid occupancy delays, please carefully read all lead hazard based paint rule and regulations. 





Tenants of one- and two-family structures You’ve Got Mail!

Tenants of one- and two-family structures you have received an informational postcard to inform you of the hazards of lead-based paint in your home.  Furthermore, to inform you of the landlord’s legal obligation to provide certification of no lead-based hazard paint in accordance with P.L.2003, c.311 (C.52:27D-437.1 et al.).  Please work with your landlord to prevent delays of access for inspections or remediation where necessary.  



  Please Note: Summer Hours begin the week of May 6th. Municipal (M-Th. 8am to 4pm & F- 8am to 1pm) Public Works: (M-Th 6:30am to 3pm & F- 7am to 12pm)