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Please be aware that the East End bridge will be closed to pedestrian traffic from November 13 to December 4. 

Please share this information with anyone who may be affected.

Thank you.  




For Immediate Release                                              October 29, 2017

Contact  Dawn Thompson                                                  732-869-1202

Monday, October 30th and Tuesday, October 31st, there will be a curfew in affect. No person under 18 years of age shall remain on public streets, ways and or places without being accompanied by a parent.

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Starting on Friday, October 13th (weather permitting), Chesapeake Bay Helicopters will be performing UV/IR patrols on the 500kV and 230kV and will also be performing Routine Patrols/Inspections on the 115kV lines in JCP&L. Chesapeake Bay Helicopters will be patrolling JCP&L territory full time until the inspections are complete. The patrols are estimated to take 7-10 days to complete and will be carried out by the following helicopters – please see the attached photos and following information: