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The Assessor is responsible to the citizens of Neptune for the fair assessment of all property in order that the tax burden be distributed equitably. This office strives to keep the public well informed on all tax assessment matters.

Responsibilities of the Assessor:

The assessor’s duties may be divided into these major functions:
1.    Discovery and location of all real property and certain personal property used in business in the taxing district;
2.    Listing and description of property in a systematic, convenient manner through MOD IV;
3.    Determination of taxability based on a wide variety of tax exemption and tax deduction statutes;
4.    Valuation of property through an appraisal of each property and an assessment based on that appraised value;
5.    Tax equalization responsibilities via district revaluation programs and for purposes of distributing State Aid to schools;
6.    Defense of assessments upon appeal

Click here to perform a Record Search (Monmouth County Open Public Record Search)
Click here to perform a Deed Search (Monmouth County Open Public Record Search)
Click here to file an Online Tax Appeal with the Monmouth County Board of Taxation
Click here for information on the Monmouth County Assessment Demonstration Program
Click here for TIARA (Taxpayer Informal Assessment Review Application)


2016 Neptune Township Tax Maps


CLICK HERE for Tax List Table of Aggregates, District Summary, and Tax List Index (By Last Name)
CLICK HERE for Exempt Property List Index and Street Index
CLICK HERE for Real Property Tax List Blocks 101 – 517
CLICK HERE for Real Property Tax List Blocks 517-2403
CLICK HERE for Real Property Tax List Blocks 2403-4809
CLICK HERE for Real Property Tax List Blocks 4809-5608 and Page Totals
CLICK HERE for Tax List Totals


CLICK HERE for Monmouth County Tax Board Home Page – Introduction
CLICK HERE for Assessment Demonstration Program Home PageSummary of the ADP
CLICK HERE for ADP Update 2017Implementation Handout 12/14/2017
CLICK HERE for Moody’s Investment Service- NJ Assessment Report


The purpose of TIARA (Taxpayer Informal Assessment Review Application) is to provide the taxpayer with a free and informal means of submitting questions and supporting documents (pictures, maps, narratives) regarding their future property assessment. Submissions will be reviewed annually by the Assessor prior to the delivery of the next Preliminary Tax List November 1st. 

If the information submitted by the taxpayer warrants a change in the future assessment the Assessor may change the assessment for the following year, thereby avoiding the need for a formal appeal process. If upon receipt of their new assessment in November the taxpayer thinks their assessment does not reflect the current value of their real property, they may file a formal appeal. 

TIARA will be opened each May, after the current year’s appeals and closed for submission early October, before the Assessor’s submission of the Preliminary Tax List. 

NEED PROPERTY INFORMATION? Contact Your Local Assessor:

Bernard C. Haney, CTA
Phone (732) 988-5200, extension 249
Fax (732) 988-4259

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