The American Red Cross is in communications across all impacted areas with government partners and is prepared to respond as requested.  As with any disaster, preparation can be the difference between life and death. The Red Cross is urging residents to be prepared—not only for the snow, but for cold temperatures and possible power outages. Additionally, extreme weather increases the risk of home fires. Below are some resources to help residents stay safe.


“The Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management and the Neptune Township Police Department are pleased to announce the release of two mobile applications. This platform will allow us to expand our capability to communicate with our community.



Freehold: Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce that work continues on the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Hazard Mitigation Plan update process. The plan is a documented evaluation of the hazards to which a community is susceptible and the extent to which these events will occur.


TRENTON, N.J. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends Hurricane
Sandy survivors who received money to keep the receipts or bills for which
the money was used for three years.

FEMA assistance must be used for eligible disaster expenses only, as
identified in the approval letter from the agency. Survivors must save

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